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Bruce Lee Enterprises’ Licensing Division is tasked with the responsibility of preserving and perpetuating the life and legacy of Bruce Lee. We accomplish this by establishing partnerships with organizations offering products and services consistent with the desired branding and positioning of Bruce & Brandon Lee.

Registered as the successor-in-interest with the office of the Secretary of State of California, Bruce Lee Enterprises is owned and operated by members of the LEE family.


Please contact us today if you are interested in licensing opportunities with Bruce and/or Brandon Lee.


Bruce Lee's signature style and awesome ability have made him one of only a handful of true icons that has stood the test of time and is recognized all over the world. Known for his powerful and dynamic brand of action and his super human physique and skill, he has evolved into the quintessential representation of confidence and wisdom. Like none other, Bruce Lee brings together both the east and west in a way that transcends the barriers of race and culture.

When you associate yourself with Bruce Lee, this is the legacy you become part of the legacy of a true hero.