I am very happy to announce the Bruce Lee Stages of Cultivation Print.  We have been working on the design for months, and now it is available!  This is a limited edition print (250) that I will personally sign and number.  In addition, each print will be accompanied by a letter that my father wrote to his good friend George Lee.  In the letter, my father explains the meaning behind each of the plaques that you see on the print and his specific design instructions.   The symbols in this fine art print represent Bruce Lee's personal journey of self-cultivation.  Specifically designed by my father, the symbols hung on separate plaques in his Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Los Angeles.  The meaning behind each symbol and the print is revealed in the VLOG below.  I hope you will watch.  I also included a photo of the meticulous process involved with creating each print.  Special thank you to Ngauge and the people at Kolibri Art Studio for all of your hard work!  Click Here To Purchase.