Sterling Silliphant was a private student of my father's.  They were also close friends and collaborated on writing projects together.  I love reading the experiences that others had with my father.  These photos were taken at the Long Beach Internationals where my father was "discovered".  I am still amazed at the force of his 1" punch which literally put it's recipient in his seat and pushed him back several feet.


A portion from a Sterling Silliphant interview is included with the picture.  It reads:


"Bruce was able to punch from half an inch away and grind anybody through the wall

because he had such complete torque, such a dynamic turning axis and such an explosive

pin-pointing of energy.  His whole body and half the bloody universe was behind every

punch.  He could even place his hand against you and achieve the same result.  I mean,

if he struck you in the face from a quarter-inch away, he could make it sound as if he'd

hit you with a baseball bat.  And he could punch with either hand with equal power."