I am very pleased to announce that the 40th Anniversary "Enter The Dragon" DVD/Blu-Ray will be released on June 11, 2013.  We produced a mini-documentary entitled "No Way As Way - A Discussion on Self-Mastery" which examines some of the steps and challenges on the journey that we all take in life.  The doucmentary includes insight from my father Bruce Lee, my mother Linda, Boxing World Champion Sugar Ray Leonard, Grammy Nominated artist/producer/DJ Steve Aoki, Actor/Activist George Takei, myself and a cameo by my daughter (Bruce Lee's grand daughter), Wren.  The film is scored by the very talented artist/musician, Mozez.  "No Way As Way" will be included on the Enter DVD/Blu-Ray as Bonus Material.


We will be doing some fun things/offering some great items in the Official Bruce Lee Store (including the pre-sale of the Enter DVD/Blu-Ray starting next month).  I will also post a trailer of 'No Way As Way' in the near future.


I have included a clip from Enter The Dragon (courtesy of Warner Brothers) below - Lao's Time.  I will be posting several clips in the coming weeks.  Enjoy!