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Happy Birthday, Dad!  My father's legacy and his way of life continues to live on stronger than ever.  His message is so relevant today.  He would have been 73 today. 


To celebrate his birthday, I sat down with Bas Rutten, Heavyweight Champion and host of Inside MMA to talk about my father and his legacy.  I hope you will watch.



Thank you to the hundreds of people who submitted their Bruce Lee Halloween Costumes.  I was so impressed with so many of the costumes, and the effort was through the roof!  It was so much fun to go through all of the submissions.  So many generations were represented.  It reminds me that my father's legacy spans generations and cultures and continues to live on strong through all of us!  We put together a behind the scenes VLOG of the selection process.  Enjoy!  Thank you again to all who participated.  We will ship out a signed copy of The Treasures of Bruce Lee to the winners (it was originally going to be 5, but I had to choose 7 :). xShannon