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I hope you will join me in celebrating and remembering my brother Brandon's amazing life.  On the 31st, it will be 20 years since his passing.




I am so pleased to announce the release of The Treasures of Bruce Lee - The Official Story Of The Legendary Martial Artist.  I worked very closely with the author and publisher of this book and am quite pleased with the way it turned out.  The book is three dimensional, so to speak - pictures, writing and treasures.  Inside the book, there are pockets that contain replica memorabilia ranging from letters to pictures to movie tickets.  To introduce this book to Bruce Lee's loyal fans, we are offering an exclusive colletor's edition that I will sign and number.  We will also be including one treausre that will not be in the regular edition of the book!  The collector's edition is limited to 75!   I hope you will watch the VLOG we put together and I hope you enjoy this wonderful book. xShannon to purchase -  NOTE:  THE LIMITED EDITION HAS SOLD OUT AS OF 1:00 PST FEBRUARY 14.  THE REGULAR EDITION AND SPECIAL BUNDLED EDITIONS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!

One of our community members and friends sent this 'Enter The Dragon' Tribute Title Sequence by Sky Lee to me.  I thought it was incredibly well done.  A fresh take.  Enjoy!



Enter The Dragon: Tribute Title Sequence from Sky Lee on Vimeo.

I was reading through my father's notes and came across this page.  I felt like it is applicable to our every day lives.  If we try too hard, push too hard, we ultimately work against ourselves.   xShannon