The Bruce Lee Legacy: A life-long list of Achievements 


Born in San Francisco on November 27th.


First film appearance in Golden Gate Girl.


Appeared in Wealth Is Like A Dream.


Appeared in Sai See in the Dream, The Story of Fan Lei-fa.


Appeared in Blooms and Butterflies, The Kid a.k.a. My Son A-Chang


Appeared in Infancy.


Appeared in A Son Is Born a.k.a. The Guiding Light, A Mother Remembers a.k.a. A Mother's Tears, Blame it on Father, A Myriad Homes , In the Face of Demolition.


Appeared in Love (Part1), Love (Part 2), An Orphan's Tragedy, The Faithful Wife, Orphan's Song, The More the Merrier a.k.a. We Owe It to Our Children.


Appeared in The Wise Guys Who Fool Around, Too Late for Divorce.


Appeared in The Thunderstorm, Darling Girl.


Recognized as the "Crown Colony Cha-Cha Champion" in Hong Kong.


Appeared in The Orphan.


Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self Defense by Bruce Lee first published.


Presented with Karate Championship Award at the 1964 International Karate Championships for his "contribution to karate."

Presented with Commemorative Exhibition Award from Wally Jay and the Island Judo Jujitsu Club of Alameda, California in appreciation for his gung fu exhibition.


Son Brandon Bruce Lee born February 1st.


Appeared in The Green Hornet as Kato.


Appeared on the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon to help raise money for victims of the disease. Presented with National Karate Championship Appreciation Award in appreciation of his participation. Presented with Appreciation Award from Wally Jay and the Island Judo Jujitsu Club of Alameda, California. Appeared on Ironside as a guest star.


Presented with National Karate Championship Award in appreciation of his participation as a guest judge. Worked as technical director on The Wrecking Crew. Filmed supporting role on Marlowe / Guest starred on Blondie.


Presented with National Karate Championship Appreciation Award in appreciation of his participation as a special guest. Daughter Shannon Emery Lee born April 19th.


Presented with National Karate Championship Appreciation Award in appreciation of his participation as the guest of honor.


Guest starred in Longstreet. Filmed The Big Boss a.k.a. Fists of Fury.


Inducted into Black Belt magazine's Black Belt Hall of Fame. Received an award for being selected by the Hong Kong "Evening" Newspaper as one of the top ten movie stars. Appeared with son, Brandon, on Hong Kong TVB Operation Relief telethon to help raise funds to aid victims of a recent typhoon in Hong Kong; made a personal donation of $10,000 Hong Kong dollars.
Filmed Fist of Fury a.k.a. The Chinese Connection, The Way of the Dragon a.k.a. Return of the Dragon, The Game of Death (unfinished). Awarded a "Golden Horse Award" for Best Mandarin Movie for the film Fist of Fury.


Presented with St. Francis trophy given by the students of his Hong Kong alma mater for participation in St. Francis Xavier's College Sports Day. Enter the Dragon released.

Died on July 20th, 1973.


Inducted into Black Belt magazine's Black Belt Hall of Fame for the second time as the Man of the Year / Martial Artist of the Year.


Tao of Jeet Kune Do first published. Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew by Linda Lee first published.


Bruce Lee's Fighting Method first published.


The Game of Death completed posthumously by Golden Harvest.


The Bruce Lee Story by Linda Lee first published.


Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored Bruce with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 13th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards.


Hong Kong post office released a postage stamp in honor of Bruce Lee.


Words of the Dragon: Interviews, 1958-1973 first published. Bruce Lee The Tao of Gung Fu: A Study in the Way of Chinese Martial Art first published. Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way first published.


The Honorable Pedro Rossello, Governor of Puerto Rico, and the Government of Puerto Rico bestowed a recognition award to the memory of Bruce Lee. Honored in Tokyo, Japan with the "Bruce Lee Exhibition: Memory of the Dragon". Honored by the Chinese Wushu Association with a "Supreme Movie Star Award". Carlos Mendez Martinez, Mayor of Aguadillo, Puerto Rico, bestowed a recognition award to the legacy of Bruce Lee and declared Aguadillo City the home of Bruce Lee in Puerto Rico. U.S. Senator Milton R. Young, President of U.S.T.A. and Jhoon Rhee, Vice President of U.S.T.A., honored Bruce for his international contribution to the martial arts. Letters of the Dragon: Correspondence, 1958-1973 first published / Bruce Lee The Art of Expressing the Human Body first published.


Profiled in Time magazine's Time 100: The Most Important People of the 20th Century under Heroes and Icons of the 20th Century. Listed in The Movie Book as one of five hundred people who have made a landmark contribution to the medium of film. Inducted into the " Martial Arts Hall of Fame". Bruce Lee Artist of Life first published.


October 21st declared "Bruce Lee Day in San Francisco" by Mayor Willie L. Brown in honor and recognition of the "Little Dragon" in the year of the Golden Dragon. Hong Kong Film Archive honored Bruce with an exhibition, "Bruce Lee Retrospective", and a festival of 20 Bruce Lee films "The Immortal Bruce Lee: From the Kid to Kung Fu Dragon". Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living first published.


Honored in San Francisco with the exhibition, "Bruce Lee: A Retrospective" at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. Named by Premiere Magazine as the 3rd most influential deceased show business talent (Walt Disney was named as #1 and Stanley Kubrick was named as #2).


Bruce Lee named by People Magazine / VH1 Special Collector's Edition Magazine as one of 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons. Latin American Martial Arts Society Worldwide inducted Sijo Bruce Lee into the Hall of Fame as a Martial Arts Legend.


Received the EMMA (Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy) Legacy Award in London for his humanitarian achievement through the spiritual philosophy of martial arts which challenged racism and added substance to our lives; other recipients include Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Received Citation for Outstanding Achievement and Contribution for his contributions to the martial arts at the Arnold Martial Arts World Games at the Battle of Columbus in Ohio; Governor Schwarzenegger bestows the award. Received a star on the Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars.


Received the Star of the Century Award from the Hong Kong Film Awards. Received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the International Forum on Chinese Martial Arts Cultural Industry in Datong, China bestowed by the National General Administration of Sports and the All China Youth Federation for his special contribution to Chinese Gung Fu movies and to the world. Named as one of Variety Magazine's Icons of the Century. UCLA Film and Television Archive screened Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon as part of their "Heroic Grace: the Chinese Martial Arts Film Part II" at the James Bridge Theater at UCLA.

A life size statue of Bruce Lee is unveiled in Mostar, Bosnia as a symbol of the fight against ethnic divisions. Bruce Lee is chosen by organizers as he is admired for his own ethnic struggles and accomplishments

A statue of Bruce Lee is unveiled on the Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars during a week long Bruce Lee Festival which featured film screenings and tours of his homes, schools and work places. The statue reads "Star of the Century"

The UCLA Film and Television Archive Research and Study Center presented an individual viewing exhibit featuring a selection of television titles from the Archive's Study Collection featuring Bruce Lee. The selection included titles not available on home video and was open to the public


Spike TV aired Enter the Dragon with bonus interviews and declared it Bruce Lee Day on Spike TV.


The Lee Family debuted and launched Bruce Lee Enterprises at the New York Licensing Expo. The Bruce Lee Foundation unveiled its plans to build a Bruce Lee Museum in Seattle, Washington and fundraising activities began. CCTV1 in China premiered a 50 episode biographical, live action series on the legacy of Bruce Lee entitled The Legend of Bruce Lee.

Discussions began with the Hong Kong Government to convert Bruce Lee's former home in Hong Kong into a museum run by the Bruce Lee Foundation / A 26,000 acre nature preserve was dedicated to Bruce Lee as a memorial park in the Lee family ancestral home of Shunde, China complete with a Bruce Lee Museum, Martial Arts School, and the tallest Bruce Lee statue in existence at 18 meters high.


Waddell Media and LeeWay Media premiered the documentary How Bruce Lee Changed the World on History Channel US.


The United States House of Representatives pays tribute to Bruce Lee with an official congressional tribute on the House Record honoring his achievements and contributions to society, calling him a master teacher, a catalyst for social change and civil rights, and a cultural and American icon.


Bruce is named Number 2 on the Men’s Health magazine list of Fittest Men of All Time. Sports Illustrated also names Bruce Lee one of the Fifty Greatest Athletes of All Time at number 15 on the list and is one of only two people on the list who never actually competed. The first statue of Bruce Lee in the US is unveiled in Los Angeles Chinatown. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum opens a 3 year exhibition dedicated to Bruce Lee; it is the largest exhibition on the martial artist to date anywhere in the world.


Year 1 of a 3 year exhibit, “Do You Know Bruce”, opens at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, Washington.


Bruce Lee is inducted into the California Museum’s Hall of Fame by Governor Jerry Brown alongside Charles M. Schulz, David Hockney, Lester Holt, Ellen Ochoa, Robert Downey Jr, Kristi Yamaguchi and Buck Owens.

Honored with postage stamps in Republic Batumi, Tanzania, Gambia, Antigua –Barbuda, Madagascar, Chuvashia, Khakassia, and Hong Kong

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”