Exclusive from the Bruce Lee Archive

Chinese Magic, book, 1960:

Bruce was an avid reader and student of everything from philosophy, world religions, spirituality, and mysticism, to self-help, strategies for business, and beyond. Much of his personal library is housed in the Bruce Lee Archive and contains a range of well-preserved large format art books to little pocket paperbacks such as this worn copy of "Chinese Magic and Superstitions in Malaya" by Leon Comber. Many of Bruce's books were annotated, highlighted, and underlined, illustrating the hours of deep thought he spent on building his philosophical perspective. Bruce's taste in books was as interesting as it was diverse and some of items in his personal library are now quite collectable. For instance, similar copies of this featured book published in 1960 have today fetched close to $800 online.

In many of Bruce's books there is an embossed logo on the title page. Notice the simple design of the logo which is an early design for the Institute that Bruce carried into his development of Jeet Kune Do.